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Community and Care Homes coming together in Keighley Members of the Keighley community came together to find out how they can help residents in care homes stay connected with their skills, hobbies and interests as part of the Airedale Social Movement. Living with dementia can mean losing connections with neighbours and friends and losing hobbies, sports and pastimes. For too many people, including those living in care homes, dementia can result in loneliness and isolation. The Airedale Social Movement will change this for residents living in five local care homes. Regency Court Care in Keighley has embraced this initiative. On Friday the 2nd December they welcomed over twenty local people and community groups into the home to discuss how the community and the residents can enjoy spending time together. The event was a great success and generated a wide range of ideas ranging from enhancing the garden to provide a dementia friendly space and a community allotment, to getting residents together with local school children to share memories and learn how to use iPads together and using digital photography to create a scrap book of outings and activities. Residents are also interested in "Everything! Reading, gardening, exercises, tidying, colouring, poetry knitting, dancing!" Airedale Social Movement are now we're looking for people who can help build and sustain these community connections - people who can use their local knowledge and relationships to make these ideas (and more!) happen at all five care homes and people who can encourage others to get involved in the lives of these homes. It will be rewarding, varied and stimulating! For more information or to get involved contact Joanne Volpe, Alzheimer's Society Joanne.volpe@alzheimers.org.uk or 07484 504996

Future Years and Age UK Yorkshire and Humber Unite to Deliver a Roadshow Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Military Veterans in Yorkshire

We want to tap into the skills of military veterans in our region to improve the lives of their peers, offering comradeship and opportunities to get involved.

Future Years and Age UK Yorkshire and Humber held two events in September, one in Keighley and one in Sheffield.

With more than a million older people in the UK saying they go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member,this new forum will tackle emotional and practical issues to enable good health and the well-being of miliatary veterans in Yorkshire, born before 1950.

Discussion will included: The best ways to improve your own health, Support for isolation/loneliness, Influence people in your local authority or health service, Find information on local charities and volunteering, Housing options

The Roadshowwas funded by the Aged Veterans Fund funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds.


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