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The next Future Years event will be on Tuesday 5th December at Queens Hotel Leeds. Hilary Brockway, Age Uk Leeds and Paul Russell, NPC, will talk about the impact of Welfare Benefits and Pensions reforms on older people. Click Here to book a place.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

As part of cyber security awareness month, Sainsbury's have updated their guide on how to protect yourself from internet scams and how to shop safely on line. Click here for further information.

Become a blumer! Let flexible work find you

Blume is a new enterprise which finds paid flexible work for older people – and it is completely free to sign up and use.  The work will range from DIY tasks to dog walking and mystery shopping. and much more besides.  There will also be telephone and computer jobs that you can do from home.  In fact, if you have a skill that you think others will find useful then please tell Blume about it and we will do our best to promote it.  You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.  You also decide how much you want to charge as long as it is above the national living wage – and if you don't need the money the site allows you to donate what you earn to charities.To find out more visit https://blume.life/become and become a blumer!

Researchers have put a financial price on the "epidemic of loneliness", estimating that it costs £6,000 per person in health costs and pressure on local services. The Campaign to End Loneliness commissioned the London School of Economics to undertake this research which also found that for every £1 spent on loneliness, there is a £3 saving. Click here to find out more.

Engage Your Brain: CGBH recommendations on Cognitively Stimulating Activities

This report published by the Global Council on Brain Health and Age UK finds that the long term benefits of doing puzzles and mind games is limited. The report goes on to make recommendations of alternative activities that may be more effective such as learning a language, practicing Tai Chi, takeing photography classes etc. It also highlights the importance of physical activities as well as activities that include social engagement such as dancing or volunteering. Click here to see a copy of the report. 

Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection law is being reformed with effect on 25 May 2018 to strengthen security of personal data. Preparation in order to comply with the new law needs to start now. The NCVO have produced guidance on what it means for organisations that hold personal data on employees, volunteers, services users, members and donors. Click here for further information.

State Pension Blog

Read Peter Dale's blog regarding the proposal to increase state pention age to 68. Peter is the vice Chair of EngAgeNet.

Pop up! Dementia Awareness Choir

Saturday Shoppers in Leeds were pleasantly surprised by a Pop Up! Choir, singing to raise awareness about Dementia. Click here to view the details and a short video of the event. 

Fundraising Preference Service

Following a review into the regulation of charity fundraising over the summer of 2015 - during which a key frustration identified by the public pointed to a lack of control felt by many over the nature and frequency of fundraising approaches - the Fundraising Regulator is now developing a system to ensure that people can more easily manage the communications they receive from charities.

The new Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) aims to give the public genuine choice and greater control over the communications and fundraising requests that they receive from charities.

It is a website service that allows members of the public in England and Wales to end all director marketing and communications from a specific charity.

The Fundraising Regulator defines Direct Marketing as 'a form of advertising and communication which allows organisations to contact individuals directly through a variety of media including (but not limited to) letters, emails, texts and phone calls'.

A supporting helpline will also be established to help those who cannot access the internet to use the service. for further information click here.


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