Future Years
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Future Years Forum Meetings 2012_13

4th March 2013

4th March 13 Agenda.pdf

Future Years Forum Committee Minutes 3.04.2013_1.pdf

Task Finish group proposals outcomes 2 6.pdf

Workplan 2012_3 v5_1.pdf

3rd December 2012

3DEc Agenda.2012.pdf

Future Years Minutes 3rd Dec 2012_1.pdf

Workplan 2012_3 v3.pdf

Adopted Constitution_with amends.pdf

Constitution - Appendix 2.pdf

3rd September 2012 - AGM


Future Years AGM Mins 3.09.2012_5.pdf

Nom form Officers Future Years Forum.pdf

3rd September - Forum Meeting

3Sept Agenda.2012.pdf

Future Years Committee mins 3.9.2012_2.pdf

Workplan 2012_3 v2_1.pdf

Finance Report Qu1_2012_13_1.pdf


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