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Future Years Forum Meetings 2013_14

3rd March 2014

Future Years Agenda 3.3.14_1.pdf

DRAFT Future Years Forum Committee Minutes 03 03 14.pdf

Sub-Regional Reports 3.3.14_2.pdf

PMDI Toolkit.pdf

2nd December 2013

Future Years Agenda 2.12.13.pdf

Future Years Forum Committee Minutes 02 12 2013_1.pdf

Workplan 2013_4 Final v.Nov 2013.pdf

Finance Report.pdf

Finance report_detail_1.pdf


Future Years Annual General Meeting was held at the Royal Hotel in York on Monday 21 October 2013, between 10.00am and 10.30am. It was followed by our annual conference (details at http://www.futureyears.org.uk/activities_and_events/future_years_conferences/ )

2013AGM oct agenda.pdf

Future Years AGM Mins 3.09.2012_6.pdf

Annual Report_FINAL.pdf

11th September 2013

Future Years Agenda 11.09.13.pdf

Future Years Forum Committee Minutes 11.09.2013_2.pdf

Workplan 2013_4 Aug 2013.pdf

Changes to the Benefits System.pdf


Oct Conference Draft timings v2.pdf

National Energy Action Subscriptions letter.pdf

More than bricks and mortar Y H presentation Sept 2013.pdf

3rd June 2013

3rd June 2013 Agenda.pdf

Future Years Forum Committee Minutes 3.06.2013_1.pdf

Workplan 2013_4 Final.pdf

Finance Report June 2013.pdf


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