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Age Action Alliance

What does membership of the alliance mean: Partnership Board Member briefing note.pdf

Age Action Alliance Website Goes Live

We are delighted to announce that the new Age Action Alliance website is now live!

Thenew online home provides opportunities for the Alliance to share information and good practice with Members and others interested in improving older people's lives. It should improve communications, as well as providing opportunities for Members to showcase their work (via the Theme and Resources pages), share latest thinking (Blog), and demonstrate the value of working and communicating in partnership (News). This morning the Healthy Workplaces group launched their new on-line Employer Resource to assist employers manage the health and productivity of an ageing workforce, something we can now share on their dedicated theme page on the new website.
AAA are grateful to everyone who played a part in developing the website: the older people, organisations and individuals who user tested the website; and to Age UK Camden and Age UK for sharing their facilities and resources to make this possible; and the Alliance Communications Group, Partnership Board, Secretariat and Emily and Russell in particular for managing the project to completion.
AAAalso want to thank the Beth Johnson Foundation and European Commission Representation in the UK, without whose support we would not have been able to develop this fantastic resource, building on the legacy of the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between the Generations (EY2012).
We hope you like the new site and will help us spread the word, support the Alliance work and help us to keep content fresh. For those of you who use social media, please 'like us' on Facebook, mention us on Twitter @AgeActAlliance and blog for us about why you joined the Alliance and want to work in partnership. Send us your pictures too!
You can visit the website at the same address as before: www.ageactionalliance.org

Role of the Age Action Alliance Reference Group

The Age Action Alliance is clear that its goals should be rooted in evidence and focussed on information given to us by older people. It's intention is to use the English Forums on Ageing as a Reference Group to ensure that the voice of the older person is truly powerful and included.

The Reference Group has set its own terms of engagement.

The Reference Group recognises that older people are a diverse population and their views are not uniform. The Group reflects a range of views and is a resource that can offer specialist knowledge in an advisory capacity to both the Steering Group and Working Groups.

The Reference Group will be a 'sounding board' for the Alliance. IT provides an opportunity for older people to influence and challenge the Alliance's priorities and actions.

The Reference Group also has a role in raising awareness of the Alliance particularly at the local level. Reference Group members will talk to older people in their areas in order to feed back views to the Alliance Working Group. IT will provide a means to test Working Groups Plans with older people.

The Reference Group will ensure the involvement of older people, or their representatives in the work of the Alliance.

The Reference Group will consider the ongoing effectiveness off the Alliance's work and will have the opportunity to feed into the Alliance Evaluation Group.

The Reference Group will report their involvement as a group and the progress of the Alliance, back to their forums.

The Steering Group of the Age Action Alliance will make two places available to the Reference Group at each of its meetings. Reference Group members attending the Steering Group will state the collective View of Reference Group members.


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