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Health - information on CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards

Minding the Gap - Tackling Health Inequalities in Yorkshire and the Humber

This regional body provides lots of useful information and a monthly newsletterthat focuses on health inqualities in the region. Click here for more information.

Health and Wellbeing: How You Can Influence Change

Future Years held an informative workshop in Doncaster (13.02.14) to discuss how older people can influence the health and wellbeing agenda in their area.

The following papers were taken:

Glossory of terms.pdf

The Different Bodies involved in the Health and Wellbeing Board.pdf

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and Health and Wellbeing Strategies

Find information about your local area at:


For statistics West Yorkshire Observatory

Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board and Strategy


Doncaster's Health and Wellbeing Board


Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board.


Wakefield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Board (CCG) Information Packs

The information packs set out key data at local authority, CCG level to help inform the local position on outcomes. The Local Authority level packs present high level comparative information on the NHS, the Adult Social Care and the Public Health Frameworks. The CCG level packs provide a more detailed analysis of NHS outcomes and other relevant indicators. The purpose of these is to provide CCGs and HWB partners with a quick and easy-to-use summary of their current position on outcomes as they take up their role


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