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Loneliness and social isolation

The Campaign to End Loneliness have produced a new film, The Loneliness Project. Click here to watch it

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

Before she was killed, Jo Cox was working on putting loneliness on the national agenda. As part of her legacy, co-chaired by Seema Kennedy MP (Con) and Rachel Reeves MP (Lab), the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was born. 

Working with partners all over the UK - Action for Children, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, The British Red Cross, The Campaign to End Loneliness, Carers UK, The Co-op, Eden Project Communities, Independent Age, Refugee Action, Royal Voluntary Service, Sense and The Silver Line - the commission will highlight different groups of people throughout the year, all of whom may be at risk of loneliness. 

Age UK have produced a report No-one Should Have No-one Working to end Loneliness which explores the health implications, the impact on health services and best practice for tackling this issue.

For the latest news from the Campaign to End Loneliness visit their website by clicking here.

Loneliness and Isolation research conducted in North Yorkshire by the University of York:

WP 2565 - Loneliness Report -Final-pdf.pdf

WP 2566 WP 2599 Executive Summary - Loneliness Report.pdf

WP 2599 - Stage 2 Loneliness report.pdf

Presentation by the Campaign to End Loneliness to UKAFA: UKAFA Campaign Presentation 25 09 13.pdf

Is this the loneliest generation?

The Government is trying to quantify social isolation amid health fears:

http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/is-this-the-loneliest-generation-8449305.html?origin=internalSearchTACKLING LONELINESS AND ISOLATION IN YORKSHIRE AND HUMBER

Developing a collaborative

  • The Future Years Forum on Ageing organised a Conference in October 2011 in partnership with DWP and L.Govt. Improvement - LA lead officers and champions of older people, Voluntary Sector; FRS; NHS and Police were invited. There were just short of 100 delegates.
  • Speakers included Laura Ferguson, (Campaign to End Loneliness) John Coxon (Head of Active Ageing and Engagement), Guy Robertson (Joint Head of Ageing Well programme); team from Oldham Council the Capacity Building Team led by Liz Fryman) and lastly Lilian Maher, a resident of Oldham all her life who became a volunteer with the scheme since it began. Lilian told her own story of how volunteering to help people who were isolated and lonely had changed her life.
  • There were 3 workshops:

· Social Isolation, what are the challenges to Yorkshire and Humber?

· What are the priorities for the Region

· Identifying Good Practice and challenges

  • The notes from all were collated and produced under the following headings:

· Good Practice Directory

· Key Themes from the Conference

· A list of delegates (30) who pledged to be active in taking the work forward.

  • 'The Living Well Network' was formed from the event from partners interested in working together to address the challenges of social isolation and loneliness in the region. It is proposed that this be the focus of collaboration for the first year working together, but that this can be extended and developed as the partners wish in the future
  • The Living Well Network decided that if possible two meetings would be arranged annually for the Core Group and the wider network established through the October Conference.
  • To support the activity, an online community of practice will be established which will allow people to collaborate remotely, share information and work together in the Task Groups on key themes. But will require some moderators advocates from within the network to establish and maintain.
  • The Communities of Practice are now called Knowledge Hubs, this is a free resource
  • Working in teams we will create a sustainable Knowledge Hub. The links to the older people in the region will offer the opportunity for them to contribute and inform us of new projects set up to reduce the effects of isolation and loneliness

Information from the Campaign to End Loneliness: 2012-05-23LF Campaign to End Loneliness - DH - UKAFA.pdf

Update from Campaign to End Loneliness May 2012.pdf


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