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BME - Abbreviation for black and minority ethnic.

Cabinet Sub Committee on Older People
The Cabinet Sub-Committee was set up to co-ordinate and drive forward the cross-government strategy for the over-50s.

Capacity Building
Activities that aim to increase the capacity [e.g. people, money, expertise, information, resources] of voluntary and community organisations. It can include training, advice and specialist expertise.

CLG - Department of Communities and Local Government

DoH - Department of Health

DWP - Department of Work and Pensions

FY - Future Years

HLC - Healthy Living Centre

IiP - Investors in People

LA - Local Authority

LAA - Local Area Agreements
LAAs set out the priorities for a local area that have been agreed with central government. They aim to improve co-ordination and deliver national outcomes in a way that reflects local priorities. They are agreed through negotiation with the regional Government Office.

LSP - Local Strategic Partnership
A partnership bringing together the public, private, community and voluntary sectors to identify the top priorities of the communities they serve and to work with local people to address them

MAA - Multi Area Agreement

NPO - Not for profit organisation

ODPM - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

OPC - Older Peoples Champion
Champions are people with a desire to improve older people's services. They're willing to work together and use their influence to stand up for the interests of older people.

PHO - Public Health Observatory

PSA - Public Service Agreement

PCTs - Primary Care Trusts
Primary Care Trusts. Organisations providing community and primary health care services as well as commissioning acute services for their local population based on local health care needs.

SEED - Social, Environmental, Economic Development

Third Age Service:
Pilot based initiative being developed by the Department for Work and Pensions that will support existing service provision by allowing older people, or their representatives, the option of a single point of contact to benefits and service.

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