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The Government published Empowering Engagement: a stronger voice for older people on 3rd February 2009. This was in response to John Elbourne's independent report on older people's engagement with government.

The UK Advisory Forum on Ageing (UKAFA) ensured that the views of older people are heard and, importantly, responded to.



More information about UKAFA can be found at: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/ageing-society/forums-and-support-activity/uk-advisory-forum/

Minutes and presentations from the last UKAFA meeting are below:

26th November 2014

The minutes and presentations from the UKAFA meeting on 26th November have now been published on the gov.uk website. Link attached:


11 June 2014

Notes andPresentations, etc. from UKAFA meeting 11 June 2014

Notes of the meeting 11.06.14.pdf

UKAFA_Presentation_ NI Commissioner.pdf


Welfare Reform_Older Londoners Perspectives.pdf

SEEFA Policy Panel on Later Life and Ageing.pdf

Handouts from UKAFA Meeting

Care & Repair booklet -
Care & Repair toolkit - http://www.firststopcareadvice.org.uk/resources-partners/learning-resources.aspx
DH consultation - http://careandsupportregs.dh.gov.uk/

State Pension top up - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/additional-state-pension-top-up

March 2014

UKAFA Meeting report for 16th March 2014.pdf

140314 EWL overview for UKAFA.pdf

DCLG_Housing for an Ageing Population_1.pdf


Note on Centre to UK Adisory Forum.pdf

November 2013

Presentation by the Director of Social Care Policy:UKAFA Shaun Gallagher presentation 26Nov13.pdf

Report on Pensioners Material Deprivation Indicator: Years Ahead Report on PMDI Comfortable Life Toolkit.pdf

Presentation on the Pensioners Material Deprivation Indicator Toolkit: years ahead ukafa presentation.pdf

Questions from Years Ahead to UKAFA: Years Ahead UKAFA questions.pdf

Care and Repair's Older Person's Housing Champion Network: housing network.pdf

September 2013

Minutes: UKAFA notes final 25092013.pdf

June 2013

Minutes: UKAFA notes June 2013.pdf

1. Department for Transport: Mobility Vehicles Project: Mobility vehicles project - UKAFA 12 June 2013.pdf

2. Link to Integrated Care: Our Shared Commitment - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/integrated-care

3. Link to The Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013-2023: http://wales.gov.uk/topics/health/publications/socialcare/strategies/older/?lang=en

4. Department of Energy & Climate Change: Fuel poverty: Fuel Poverty.pdf

5. Age Action Alliance: Warm Homes for Older People Project: Warmer Homes.pdf

6. Feedback notes from Future Years Committee attendee: Feedback Notes JW.pdf

March 2013:

Minutes: UKAFA Minutes March 2013.pdf

UKAFA Review: UKAFA review update final 010313.pdf

Widening Choices for Older People with High Support Needs: NaOWS UKAFA workshop.pdf

Over 65s Material Deprivation Indicator: Years Ahead Report on PMDI 2013.pdf

November 2012:

Minutes:UKAFA notes final November 2013.pdf


Engagement of Older People - the DorsetExperience: Dorset Presentation (1).pdf

Engagement with Older People - films from the South West: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JF8CjvHtT0


AgeingSafely - Chief Fire OfficersAssociation:CFOA Ageing Safely_1.pdf

UKAFA review: ukafa review v 2.pdf


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