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Coalition pleads with treasury for more funding to tackle health and social care crisis according to www.nationalhealthexecutive.com on 31 October

UK pensions among the worst in the developed world, study finds according to the Guardian on 30 October 

Pensions gender gap widens over five years, accordingto the FT Advisor on 27 October

Social care spending rises for first time in five years according to the Nursing Times on 26 October

Blood thinning drugs can reduce the risk of dementia by up to 48% according to the Guardian on 25 October

A quarter of women will be physically disabled in 30 years according to inews on 24 October

How Brexit and austerity could solve Britain's pension crisis according to the Independent on 23 October

Pension cold-call ban to be delayed until 2019 according to Citywire on 20 October

Elderly patients could be put at risk by pressure to empty NHS beds, warns Social Care Chief Inspector according to the Telegraph on 19 October

Two million facing new state pension payment headache according to Which on 18 October

We cannot afford to fund 'dementia tax' proposals, councils warn according to the Guardian on 17 October

One in five FTSE 100 pension funds at risk of failure in a recession according to the Telegraph on 16 October

Number of homeless elderly people surges by 100% in seven years according to the Indpendent on 13 October

Five year partnership to improve quality of life for people in Leeds according to the Centre for Ageing Better on 12 October

Why won't ministers acknowledge social care's growing emergency? according to the Guardian on 11 October

Depression affects nearly half of older adults in the UK according to Pharmatimes on 10 October

Tories ditch plans to cap care home fees by 2020 according to the Daily Mail on 9 October

Investing in warmer housing could save the NHS billions according to an article in Yahoo on 6 October

Pension's Minister dodges women's event amid Waspi protests according to CityWire on 5 October

Rising death rates among elderly 'fueled by years of austerity' according to inews on 4 October

Retirees unwilling to sacrifice their homes to cover social care costs according to moneyobserver on 3 October

Insurance premium rises target older drivers according to petrolprices.com on 2 October

Brexit 'potentially catastrophic' for the NHS, new study claims according to the Independent on 29 September

Millions may lose promised pensions according to the BBC on 28 September

£3 billion in pension credit goes unclaimed according to the BBC on 27 September

Andy Burnham wants Greater Manchester to be first place in country to axe social care charges according to the Manchester Evening News on 26 September

Labour promises women's retirement reform according to the BBC on 25 September

Pensioner's mortgage debts to double to £40 billion by 2030 according to the Telegraph on 22 September

Is the Care Act dream over? asks the Huffington Post on 21 September

Elderly and disabled driven to self harm amid 'drastic decline' in social care funding according to the Indpendent on 20 September

99% of advanced dementia care sufferers not getting specialist care, finds study reported in the Independent on 19 September 

Surge in older workers with jobs as retirement age creeps back according to the Telegraph on 18 September

Grenfell 'cyanide foam' in sheltered homes according to the BBC on 15 September

Age of no retirement looms as one in four wants to work beyond 70, AVIVA claims in a report in the Telegraph on 14 September

Anne Milton 'welcomes' apprenticeships for over 60s according to the TES on 13 September

Older workers filling jobs left by returning migrant: Johnsons cake or pie in the sky? asks to the Huffington Post on 12 September

Half of new reitrement homes sell at a loss according to the BBC on 11 September

400,000 homes needed for older people by 2035, says LGA on 10 September

City watchdog looks to usher in new era of 'mortgages till you drop according to the Telegraph on 7 September

What care homes can do to improve life for their residents - read what this writer has to say in the Guardian on 6 September

MPs hold breath for cross party social care talks - read the Coffee House blog on 5 September

Tenth of men aged 50 have heart age 10 years older according to the BBC News on 4 September

One on four older people struggling as billions of benefits goes unclaimed according to the Independent on 1 September

Nine in10 MPs beleive social care system 'is not fit for purpose' survey reveals, according to the Yorkshire Post on 31 August

Older people inceasingly relying on offspring to drive them according to the Guardian on 30 August

Virtual reality game takes on dementia according to an article on the BBC News on 29 August

Government benefit cuts cause 85% fall in new homes for vulnerable people according to the Independent on 25 August

Report highlights failings of home care services in England in an article in the Guardian on 24 August

Baby Boomers' drink and drug misuse needs urgent action, warn experts according to an article in the Guardian on 23 August

Cash strapped councils told to meet 'undeliverable' bed-blocking targets or have funding slashed according to the Independent on 22 August

Retire today and you're 46% worse off than 10 years ago according to the Telegraph on 21 August

Elderly neglected bu NHS because loved ones won't complain says report in the Daily Mail on 18 August 2017

Elderly patients forced to wear adult nappies because nurses too busy accroding to the Telegraph on 17 August

Lancet: more than 70,000 extra care home places needed by 2025 says a report in the Telegraph on 16 August


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